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A sneak preview into DNM RAD 1.3: The Chart Control
Posted By:Mifsud Justin/Tags:PANELTAGS

We are pleased to announce that DotNetMushroom RAD 1.3 will be released in beta version by mid July. We have obviously addressed issues that have been brought to our attention and taken the opportunity to introduce some interesting features which have been requested. One such feature, which we are pretty excited about, is the Chart control. This will also mark our first step towards data visualization using DotNetMushroom RAD. The main features are the following:

1. Three Different Graphical Representations: Using the Chart control, one can apply a data source to represent the data in a graphical manner. DNM RAD 1.3 will enable data to be represented by a:

Line Chart

Bar Chart

Pie Chart

2. Cross Browser Compatibility: The Chart Control has been successfully tested on Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

3. Chart Legend. Tick or un-tick an option to show or hide the chart legend which displays the various series present in the chart along with their respective colour.

4. Various line style options to choose from with 6 built in marker styles. Various combinations can be achieved to display chart lines in different styles, e.g. Show/hide line, filled square marker.

7. Horizontal and vertical Bar charts. By just ticking a checkbox one can switch a horizontal bar graph into a vertical bar graph without the need to change any other properties.

8. Chart points with labels. One can display the point value in a chart line in order to have a better visualisation of the figure represented by that specific point on the chart.

9. Trend Line. By ticking an option in the chart properties one can show a trend line in the chart which automatically works out the trend of the chart’s data.

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web design malta, dnn, dotnetnuke, website design, seo