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Day One at the DNN OpenForce'10
Posted By:Mifsud Justin/Tags:PANELTAGS

Day 1 of DNN OpenForce Europe 2010 is over and it has been a blast. Having been here last year, I must say that a lot of things have definitely improved in the organization. I think the Achmea Conference Centre is by far a better venue, especially for us who are exhibiting, mainly because the relaxation / food area is closer to where we are located and so it gives us more chance to interact. Also, we have seen a notable improvement in the quality of the organization. It is by far much more professional so a great bravo to Rob and the rest of the team at SDN!

Personally, we have also noticed an improvement in the level and quality of the speakers. Since I come from a marketing / UI background, while my colleague Ruben is a developer, we ended up attending all the DotNetNuke sessions. With such a good and widespread selection, it would not make sense to distinguish which sessions were the best. So it only boils down to which sessions appealed mostly to your needs. In our case, we think that the explanation of the DNN Manifest file by Vicenc Masanas was particularly appealing to backward compatibility issues we have faced with DNM RAD. Had a chance to meet him after the last session tonight and he's a great guy.

We also loved the presentations by R2I's Ian Robinson on "The Art of Unit Testing DotNetNuke Extensions" and Cuong Dang's "Designing for the Mobile Web". Both sessions were excellently delivered and provided us with a lot of material on which we can research.So, we're definitely looking forward for their two sessions tomorrow.

With regards to Shaun Walker's keynote, I think it is very, very encouraging. DNN Corp had grown from about 4 people in 2008 to about 17 people in 2009, and today, Shaun announced that they have 44 people. Definitely encouraging figures were presented by Shaun on user registrations, DotNetNuke downloads as well as the number of websites that run on DNN, all of which have shown steady increases in numbers. On an even more positive side, we will be seeing less releases than what we saw last year.

Well it has been great so far and we definitely look forward for tomorrow.

Also, don't forget our vendor session tomorrow in the DotNetNuke room at 14:00. On the agenda .... DotNetMushroom RAD's roadmap!

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web design malta, dnn, dotnetnuke, website design, seo