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DotNetMushroom to exhibit at the OpenForce Europe 2010
Posted By:Mifsud Justin/Tags:PANELTAGS

We are pleased to announce that once again, we will be present at the OpenForce Europe 2010, which is going to be held between the 25th and 26th October in Zeist, Netherlands. In fact we are also Silver Sponsors of the event and we will have exhibition booth in the exhibition area along with other great companies such as DotNetNuke Corp, Microsoft, Achmea and much more. As most of you already know, OpenForce Europe is the place to be for anyone who is serious about DotNetNuke.


Happy Birthday DNM RAD

Our presence at the OpenForce Europe also marks another important personal milestone – DotNetMushroom RAD is 1 year old. Well it has been a memorable year for us. Personally I can still remember our meetings thinking about the RAD and visualizing how it will look like, what it will do, what directions it will take, who it will cater for – and here I'm not speaking about 2009 but about 2006 as it took us 3 whole years to develop and test.

Well, now that it is gaining momentum and has an ever growing community, we all look back and say it was all worth, and is still worth the effort. In this past year we have added numerous features to the version that we had launched at the Open Force last year – most notably the ability to connect to external data sources and a number of controls such as the Charts, Captcha and Calendar controls.

Whilst we do have a road map for the next couple of years ... and believe me, it is extensive, we are always open to suggestions and indeed we have implemented certain additions because they were requested by our users. So, to keep the tradition of launching new things at the OpenForce, we will be revealing some new features of DNM RAD as well as where we plan to go over the next couple of months. This brings me to the next point ...


Vendor Session at OpenForce Europe

This year we will be holding a vendor session on the second day of the conference, that is, Tuesday 26th October from 14:00 to 14:30 in one of the session rooms of the OpenForce. I will post the exact time and session room number in as soon as I get the exact information, so most probably I will be Tweeting it. You can also come over and visit us at our exhibition booth on both days of the conference. Myself and Mr. Ruben Gatt will be there. We head the Design / UI and Development divisions (respectively) at DotNetMushroom and both form part of the DotNetMushroom RAD core team. We would obviously be more than happy to answer any of your queries.


Bookings for Meetings / Recommendations for Vendor Session

Last but not least. If you would like to meet up and have a private talk about any of our services, including outsourcing and support, please e-mail me on justinm@dotnetmushroom.com so that I will make it a point to schedule such meeting. Also, whilst we already have an agenda that we will go through at our vendor session, please feel free to recommend any topics that you would like us to talk about. Obviously recommend generic topics / areas that would be beneficial to all those present.


Memories from last year

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web design malta, dnn, dotnetnuke, website design, seo